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FROZEN Craig's fifth book has been pushed back to 2017

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It has been a difficult couple of years for me which has meant I have had little time to devote to writing and my fifth book. But, all is moving forward and am now back on track editing 'Frozen' soon to be changed to 'Stasis' as Disney have now taken that title and I don't think parents would appreciate mixing the two up!

Still in the back of my mind is the sequel to SHELBOURNE called - MENTALITY OF MADNESS - so everyone can now find out what happens to Beryl, Cyril and Tracey after the events of SHELBOURNE. Now officially started. But, I have also started work on another book, working title 'Green' and this will take priority over 'Mentality of Madness'. With all that in mind I am hoping to have a few more books coming out in the next couple of years. So keep looking in from time to time.

The journey to publish 'Soulshadow' took nearly six years and the sale of my flat to realize the dream. Following that I carried on writing, and I now have four books out, three of which are available on Kindle

I still have oodles of ideas to write including screenplays and a TV series which I am developing with a friend..

Whilst music is still a passion of mine, unfortunately it takes a bit of a backseat today but I still dabble and have been doing some more work on my piano skills - which are few at the present time.

After FROZEN and FINAL GOODBYE I will start working on DREAMGEIST, VALLEY OF SHADOWS, and a yet untitled book.

I have some really close friends who have helped on this journey to publish SOULSHADOW and USHERED, without them I wouldn't be at this stage. Words cannot show the gratitude that I owe them as they have all worked for free.

I can be seen performing in a couple of shows this year, see news page, please feel free to pop along and support I am happy to sign books or chat, if you wish to purchase any then please advise in advance so I can bring them with me.

I hope everyone enjoys my books, please feel free to contact me either via my Facebook (Craig Phoenix Books) or Twitter (@BooksbyCraigP) pages and discuss any points or give feedback.

Remember, dreams are important, do not be afraid to follow them just keep your eyes open on the way.


Author's that have inspired me are Simon Kernick, Stephen King, Martina Cole, Alex Kava, P J Tracy.