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Cover artwork by Trudi Couldridge.



A restless spirit, Mark, has a story to tell and medium, Beryl Wallace, is willing to be the channel. But what is the connection they share and will it be discovered before it is too late?

Peter Phillips, of Phillips Publishing and Literary Agency, encourages Beryl to publish two books – stories of spirits - which become best sellers.

To establish Beryl as a credible spirit writer, Peter organises a writing tour, where the third book will be written in front of a live audience. On the first night Beryl connects with a spirit, Mark, who has a story to tell.

Mark died after dancing with the devil to rid Shelbourne of the unwanted element he calls ‘The Wolves’. They took his wife and children from him and leave the residents of Shelbourne living in fear.

Upon hearing Mark’s plea, The power of four - Whispa, Scratch, and Scholar are drawn to him, but little does he realise what he is getting into.

Dark magick is a powerful force when wielded and the consequences can be catastrophic.


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