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soulshadowleft (15K)
Cover artwork by Trudi Couldridge.

soulshadowright (2K)

A killer is loose on the streets of Southend-on-Sea. Released from his grave by a key, he continues the killing spree that started and ended 80 years ago. Seemingly harmless words hidden on the grafitti laden walls in a disused corridor of an old theatre.

The killer now inhabits Daniel's body leaving Daniel as a 'Soulshadow'. Daniel only has 8 days to get his body back before he dissipates forever leaving the killer to live on in Daniels guise.

Daniel must put his trust in Anne-Marie a blind girl he befriends, her guide dog Mojo and Aunt Rose, to help undo what has been done. But when things take a turn for the worse and then Anne-Marie's mother's life is put in danger, it looks as though he will never be the same again.


£6.50 inc P&P (UK only)
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