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soulshadowleft (15K)
Cover artwork by Trudi Couldridge.

soulshadowright (2K)


What would you do if you were told by your unborn son's best friend that you would inherit a house that tears your family apart?

Toby is asked to value an old railway cottage, Thyme Cottage, by the mysterious Edward Furrows who warns him that he will inherit Thyme Cottage in one year.

Terri, Toby's wife, is at home pregnant with their first child, any slight twinge plays havoc with her frantic mind.

When an excruciating pain kicks in, Terri calls Toby on his mobile, fearful for their unborn child's life. Toby answers but collapses on the floor, dropping his phone, her name flashes up on the screen and he hears her calling him.

The next thing Toby knows is that he is being arrested by police searching the cottage and they tell him that he has been missing for over a week.

Confused, Toby is drawn into the mystery of the cottage, and slowly but surely Edward's words start to ring true as he hunts for the truth hidden in the history of the property and the land that it stands on.

Will he be able escape the mystery before it destroys his family?


£6.50 inc P&P (UK only)
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