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usheredleft (15K)
Cover artwork by Trudi Couldridge.
Photo by Laura Trevail.

usheredright (2K)

Peter, James and Suzi have been almost inseparable since leaving school.

The strength of their friendship gets put to the test when Peter crashes his car down a grass bank unearthing the remains of Sarah, who was murdered when she was just a child.

Peter’s life is thrown into turmoil as he faces the prospect of living with deafness due to the accident. Suddenly the world seems so different.

There is only one person he can hear now and that is Sarah, the dead girl, who guides him to other burial sites of children and warning him that the perpetrator is close by yet she died 90 years ago.

It is James' 21st Birthday and events take a strange turn as the three along with their other friends go out to celebrate this coming of age. James seems struck by an inexplicable dark mood.

As Peter; with the help of Suzi, Nancy – Suzi's white witch mentor, and James, discover the truth about the Drysidium Faith he is left with some difficult facts to face about his friends, beliefs and his sanity.


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