Books by Craig Phoenix

Stasis by Craig Phoenix, author


In the 1950’s Cryo-stasis is still just a fictional concept, but its reality could have far reaching implications and five medical students believe they can make the breakthrough.

Sam has led a relatively ordinary life with only one exception; when he was accused of murder for which he was exonerated.

PC Peter Travis is haunted by the image of a dead body he discovers on his first day on the job and is determined to put the murderer behind bars. Whilst evidence always points to Sam, there is always something that never adds up.

£6.50 inc UK P&P

Toby by Craig Phoenix, author

Toby: Thyme Cottage

Toby is asked to value a derelict house, Thyme Cottage, but when he arrives, a stranger advises him that he will inherit this very place – only for it to tear his family apart.

Terri, his wife, is pregnant with their first child and when he disappears for a week, their relationship is put to the test.

Inexorably Toby is drawn to finding the truth about Thyme Cottage, yet every twist leads him deeper down the path of losing his family.

£6.50 inc UK P&P

Shelbourne by Craig Phoenix, author


A restless Spirit, Mark, called upon the power of four; Whispa, Scratch and Scholar, to help him rid himself of an unwanted element he calls ‘The Wolves’.

Now he tells his story through Beryl Wallace, an author and medium, who is now on a writing tour to promote her third book. She can’t fathom the bond they share.

The live audience becomes captivated, until events take a sinister turn.

£6.50 inc UK P&P

Ushered by Craig Phoenix, author


After a car accident, Peter loses his hearing, with the exception of being able to hear Sarah, who died 90 years ago. She tells him the murderer is close by.

James’ 21st sees him struck by a strange mood, which takes him from his celebrations early, much to the bemusement of his friends.

Peter and Suzi try to discover the truth about Sarah whilst helping their friend James.

Soul shadow by Craig Phoenix, author

Soulshadow (2nd edition)

Released from his grave by a key, a killer continues his killing spree from 80 years ago, only this time under the guise of Daniel who released him.

Daniel has become a “Soulshadow” with only 8 days to get his body back before he is gone forever. With the help of Ann-Marie who befriends him, her guide dog Mojo and Aunt Rose – a white witch – he must return the killer to his grave.

£6.50 inc UK P&P